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Owner, Nourish Medical Center

Andy MacQueen

CEO, ivelah

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    Premier Web Development has done a fantastic job creating the website for Synergy Pain Relief Center. It is very easy to navigate, looks beautiful and came out better than... read more

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    - Facebook

    Chase was my designer for my website, He was very helpful and knowledgeable in WordPress will do business again!!!! PS The site looks amazing

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    I have been extremely happy with Premier. That did a complete redesign of my website and restructured my internet marketing strategy to get me the best value out of... read more

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    Premier did a great job on my website. They are very responsive to my ongoing changes.

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    5 star rating
    - Yelp

    A Google search found "The best 10 Web Design in Phoenix, AZ" list on Yelp. We interviewed 3 companies before choosing Premier. They ranged from the extreme high end to... read more

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    Did a great job on my website, would highly recormend.

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    Overall outstanding experience. Communication was always great and execution of the web design from the beginning to the end was what you hope for when hiring a web development team.... read more

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    Jay and Chase were able to take my vision and bring it to fruition on my website. They understood my goals and message and delivered it beautifully. They are open... read more

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    Great company, James and Chase are top notch in their field. Very easy to work with, very knowledgeable and very friendly. If you are in the market for... read more

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    Katherine W.
    - Facebook

    100% best web development company i have worked with and i have worked with quite a bit lol

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    Christy O.
    - Google

    Best designers in Chandler. Jay and Chase are very dependable. Great service! They are your one stop shop for company website, logo or card design. Very satisfied customer. Thanks again!

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    Over the course of eight years our golf club grew from 50 members to over 325. Our website did not offer a reasonable to solution for membership communications, archival of... read more

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    - Google

    Premier Web Development has done a fantastic job creating the website for Synergy Pain Relief Center. It is very easy to navigate, looks beautiful and came out better than... read more

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    - Google

    I am beyond pleased with the level of customer service and quality of the website Jay and Chase put together for us. I dread working on website projects, but these... read more

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    Ken O.
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    We interviewed 3 companies before choosing Premier. They ranged from the extreme high end to low end. The high-end company had consisted of multiple offices and conference room with... read more

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    Working with Premier Web Development was one of the best things I did for my business in 2018. Their expertise in both web design and SEO has allowed our... read more

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    Excellent, cost effective service in fixing an unusual problem.

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    craig v.
    - Google

    Premier did a great job on my website. They are very responsive to my ongoing changes.

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    Jeremy S.
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    Premier Web Development was professional and thorough. I would recommend their web development services. I am very satisfied with my website and their ability to meet our customized requirements.

    Andy M. Avatar
    Andy M.
    - Google

    After calling a few companies, I found Premier, and called them. James immediately came across as a person I want to work with. He just got it straight away. The... read more

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    Eric H.
    - Google

    Truly an Amazing Team! I did my research and was ready to budget SEO for my business. I had already spoken to a few companies when I got it contact... read more

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    We interviewed 3 companies before choosing Premier. They ranged from the extreme high end to low end. The high-end company had consisted of multiple offices and conference room with... read more

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    With over 20 years experience in Marketing Management with two Fortune 500 Companies, I worked closely with Web design experts--some of the largest and best in the country. Now working... read more

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    Travis D.
    - Google

    Great work! The design was exactly what I was looking for. The people are always helpful and easy to get a hold of. Definitely recommend!

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    Cody B.
    - Facebook

    Met with Jay at a networking event and I was impressed - very passionate, enthusiastic and an expert at what he does.

    You end up meeting so many SEO guys...
    read more

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    Anthony S.
    - Google

    Jay was incredibly accommodating and insightful with our web development process. Jay answered all of questions with patience and helped me craft a beautiful, more interactive website for our customers.... read more

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    Customer S.
    - Google

    Jay at Premier Web Development has been a pleasure to work with! Having a URL available to see our website go from start to amazing every step of the way... read more


Murrieta Web Design

Your website is often times the first impression you make on a potential new customer. Whether someone reaches your website from online marketing, business cards, or even a referral, a bad website can turn them away. If your website looks too old then people will assume you don't care. If your site looks too do-it-yourself then people assume you're too new. Generally speaking, people want to work with companies that have experience, and are proud of representing what they do and have done. Take a look at our portfolio and see how a simple web design can represent both small and large businesses in a professional and attractive way.

Unique, Modern, Custom

Websites are more important than ever for businesses. We start every web design fresh with a unique and targeted focus on what will best represent your business. Web design is more than just text and images on a page. It's important that your customers are taken through the content rather than them having to fumble through it. A site should be designed so that each section has something unique to offer and that the users are effectively funneled through call-to-actions. If you have any questions about how a new website can generate new business for you, please feel free to reach out anytime. We'd love to chat about your new project!
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Search Engine Optimization

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There's no better way to drive quality traffic to your site. The difference between SEO and other types of marketing is that these customers were looking for your product or service when they found you. If you blast out "Best Murrieta Pest Control" radio commercials then you will reach a ton of people and some of them may be interested in pest control but are much more likely to wait and forget to call, forget the company name, etc. You are catching them while they are still in the thinking stage. If your customers did a search on Google then that means they have taken it upon themselves to find the product or service they are looking for meaning they are further along the buying process and will be much closer to pulling the trigger. People go back to their regular day after hearing an ad or seeing a billboard but they take time out of their day to search for a company. SEO is definitely an investment but once it pays off you have a consistent stream of quality leads and can stop stressing so much about marketing.

SEO Explained

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of enhancing your online presence to rank higher in search engines. Search engines like Google and Bing look at the content on your website to see what it is about. Google wants to provide the best results out there so rather than relying on what you say about yourself, they look to see what other websites say about you. These are called "backlinks" and the process of getting more and more of these is called "link building". 
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Catch Eyes and Convert

Videos help convert users into customers better than pretty much anything else. Users are much more likely to watch a video then read through content. However, if you have a cheaply made or bad quality video then that can actually hurt you. It's important that you have a high quality professional video made as it can be the difference between a click on the contact and a click on the exit. It's also a great way to show that you are in Murrieta and hit home with local residents.
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Murrieta Search Engine Optimization

What all is involved in SEO?

SEO Defined

Google and other search engines use bots to crawl the entire web to find the most relevant and trustworthy results to show for the keyword you searched. SEO is the practice of optimizing your website for the right keywords to that your site gets indexed properly when crawled, as well as, the practice of earning trustworthy links from relevant sites. For example, if you are a Naturopathic Doctor in Murrieta, an SEO company might get the University you attended to publish a short post about you being an alumni with a link to your site. This would be a very relevant and trustworthy links. Links like these help legitimize your site.

Speeding Up The Process

Search engines don't look at websites and decide who has hired the best SEO company. SEO is a naturally occurring process that we simply help speed up. Having a website for multiple years will naturally gain a link from time to time but a more popular website will gain links faster which is what we replicate.

On-Page SEO

When google and other search engines crawl your website they are looking to see what words are mentioned in the important areas like your title tag and meta description, as well as throughout your content. If you have "Defense Attorney" through your site then Google can infer your website should show up when someone searches "Defense Attorney".

Authority Link Building

If you have "Naturopathic Doctor Murrieta" in the main areas of your site like your title tag and meta description, search engines know to rank you for this keyword. However, just having the keywords in your site only tells search engines what you should rank for but not how high you should rank. Google wants to provide the best results out there so rather than relying on what you say about yourself, they look to see what other websites say about you. If you're a naturopathic doctor and the school in which you graduated features a short post about you opening your business with a link to your website then this tells Google that you in fact are a naturopathic doctor and that you are a trustworthy one at that.


A lot of people try to optimize the website themselves and end up stuffing their keywords so much that it doesn't look natural. This is called over-optimization and can hurt your rankings. It's important for the content to sound natural. Always look at the sites that rank at the top for the keywords you're striving for to get an idea of how much content you should have.

Titles & Meta Data

Besides your domain name, search engines look at the title of your site and your site description to see what each page is about it. Each page on your site has its own title and description which is what shows up in the Google search. The title is what they click on and the description is the blurb beneath. It's important to have the keywords you want to rank for in these places.

Summary of Formula

In short, Google looks are your page content to see what you say you want to be ranked for, and looks at all the sites that link to you to see what they say you should be ranked for. SEO is a mixture of making your website the best resource for the user who made the search as well as making your website the most popular resource for the user who made the search.

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Murrieta Web Design

Proudly represent your business

Modern Design

Websites are constantly changing visually which means we constantly have to shift and adjust to keep up. The tools we use update just as fast as the trends which is why our websites continue to look better and better as we grow as a business. Having an outdated design can severely impact the amount of leads you get.

Engaging Appeal

Having an engaging appeal is more than just having nice pictures. If your colors and fonts don't work together than your site will not be appealing. Being able to keep the user engaged is crucial to getting them to click the contact button.

SEO Friendly Web Design

A lot of business owners get their website built by a web design firm that only knows web design and has no SEO knowledge. Because of this, their site isn't SEO friendly. Search engines will scan their site and get little to no information and thus won't rank them for anything.

Increase Conversions

There's no better way to increase conversions then a fresh web design. Sometimes you don't even need a complete redesign. Sometimes just making a few design changes can make a big difference. If you're already getting traffic, and especially if you're spending money on marketing, you should consider a redesign or a polish.

Mobile Friendly

More users go to websites on their phones than desktop computers. It's important that your site has it's own mobile design. Just having your desktop designed site converted into a mobile view will only help it pass the mobile test. It probably won't look very good. Text sizes, image sizes, buttons, etc. should all be adjusted for a perfect mobile experience.

Our Web Design Process

We offer a unique web design process in the sense that we build the website live starting day 1. Most design firms will have a period of wireframing and content gathering where months are spent planning out every detail before starting. We are the opposite. We get started on day 1 on a live demo site so you can see the framework being built while you work on the content.