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“They did a complete redesign of my website and marketing strategy. I am getting more customer leads than I ever have.” – Sunny Lewis, Manager
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“At a time that I felt very overwhelmed with web design, SEO, and marketing, Premier Web came to my rescue!”
– Dr. Adrienne Stewart, Owner
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“After having been burnt by my past 3 web developers, it's great to finally get a company that knows what they are doing.” – John-Paul Willet, Owner
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Web Design

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Clean & Custom

In almost all cases, your potential customer has already viewed your website or web presence before contacting you and has a pretty good idea of what type of business you run. Whether or not your online presence displays an accurate representation of what type of business you actually run is irrelevant. What matters is the impression you get. This is where Phoenix web design makes a huge difference. If you have a beautiful, engaging website, your potential customer is sure to contact you. This is why it is crucial to hire professional web developers to ensure your web presence is engaging, impressive, and converts.
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Search Engine Optimization

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What is SEO?

SEO is the process of increasing a website's visibility online by raising their rank on search engines for relevant results. By building up your website's relevance to certain keywords and increasing your site's overall authority, your site will rank higher in search results for keywords relevant to your products or services. If you like inbound leads, then SEO is perfect for you.
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Increase Conversions

Videos convert website visitors into paying customers better than any other form of marketing. Customers are much more likely to buy your product or hire you for your service if having seen a video explaining your product or service. Animated explainer videos are the quickest and most affordable way to achieve this. Users tend not to read through paragraphs of content anymore. Users like videos. We use animation, infographics, professional scrips and voiceovers to engage your website's traffic and get them to pick up the phone or purchase your product.
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More Reviews

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  • Premier did a great job on my website. They are very responsive to my ongoing changes.

    craig v. Avatar
    craig v.

    We interviewed 3 companies before choosing Premier. They ranged from the extreme high end to low end. The high-end company had consisted of multiple offices and conference room with... read more

    Ken O. Avatar
    Ken O.

    5 star ratingA Google search found "The best 10 Web Design in Phoenix, AZ" list on Yelp. We interviewed 3 companies before choosing Premier. They ranged from the extreme high end to... read more

    Ken O. Avatar
    Ken O.
  • I am beyond pleased with the level of customer service and quality of the website Jay and Chase put together for us. I dread working on website projects, but these... read more

    Tosha T. Avatar
    Tosha T.

    I work alongside Chase and Jay to meet to goals and expectations of my clients. They are knowledgeable, creative, innovative and offer solutions to best serve the desired outcome. They... read more

    Julie A. Avatar
    Julie A.

    I work alongside Chase and Jay to meet to goals and expectations of my clients. They are knowledgeable, creative, innovative and offer solutions to best serve the desired outcome. They... read more

    Julie A. Avatar
    Julie A.
  • Excellent, cost effective service in fixing an unusual problem.

    Clifton G. Avatar
    Clifton G.

    These guys stand out against the background of pixel pushing primadonnas you find these days. They do quick work and have an attention to detail... two things that are hard... read more

    Eric O. Avatar
    Eric O.

    Premier Web Development was professional and thorough. I would recommend their web development services. I am very satisfied with my website and their ability to meet our customized requirements.

    Jeremy S. Avatar
    Jeremy S.
  • Jay at Premier Web Development has been a pleasure to work with! Having a URL available to see our website go from start to amazing every step of the way... read more

    Customer S. Avatar
    Customer S.

    Premier Web Development has done a fantastic job creating the website for Synergy Pain Relief Center. It is very easy to navigate, looks beautiful and came out better than... read more

    Synergy P. Avatar
    Synergy P.

    Great company, James and Chase are top notch in their field. Very easy to work with, very knowledgeable and very friendly. If you are in the market for... read more

    Christina H. Avatar
    Christina H.

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Phoenix Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO all about?

SEO Defined

Ever wondered how Google and other search engines decide which websites will show up first in their search results? It’s a process called Search Engine Optimization. In fact, Google and other search engines don’t actually display websites in their search results. They display web pages. They use complicated algorithms to search through every page on every site online to determine which pages are the most relevant to the keyword typed in, and which pages have the most credible information. Google and search engines like them want to display good content, from credible sources. Their algorithms can detect how relevant the content is based on where certain keywords are located. They can detect how credible the content is based on “backlinks”.

Speeding Up The Process

SEO increases organic traffic to your website. We optimize the both the visible and hidden content on the page, and then build quality links from relevant sites. Although SEO can take several months to create a return on investment, it is often times the most lucrative marketing investment a Phoenix business makes.


A backlink is any link coming from one website to yours. Each link coming from one site to yours tells Google and other search engines, “Here is some content about a subject. If you want better content, go to this website.” Based on the quality of this link, it may carry a lot of weight in their logarithm or it may carry none.

Authority Link Building

Each link coming to your site is like a vote of confidence, showing the search engines the content on your page can be trusted. The types of links are important. Each backlink coming to your site is evaluated by Google and other search engines’ algorithms and is given a certain amount of weight within their algorithm. The amount of weight in the algorithm is called “link juice”. The more link juice a link has, the more beneficial it will be. If you are trying to do Phoenix SEO for your Phoenix Chiropractor business, then you want to make sure the links are relevant and credible. For example, a link coming from a national chiropractor forum to your chiropractor page will have a lot of link juice and will help your page show up high in search results for chiropractor related keywords.

On-Page SEO

On-Page Optimization refers to the optimization of the actual content of the page. Every page that ranks high in search results has a name, a title, a description, a heading, and body of text. The name and title of the page will tell the search engines in a few words what the page is about.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is about getting quality links to backup your content. Search engines can’t always tell if your content will benefit your audience just by reading it. They need to see recommendations. If a website that already has a good reputation with Google links to your site, then Google will be more trusting of your content and rank you higher.

Phoenix SEO

This is where Phoenix SEO comes in. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art of optimizing content on a particular web page, then building quality links to increase the page’s credibility. If you have a business in Phoenix, and you need to get more phone calls and contact form requests, then SEO is right marketing service for you.

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Phoenix Web Design

Create a Brand and Engage an Audience

Modern Design

We pride ourselves on our ability to stay modern and up to date with the latest trends. We use themes, not templates. We don’t limit ourselves with cookie cutter templates that dictate what we can do. We use a blank canvas theme that allows us to create whatever your imaging unfolds, while also being able to include critical call-to-actions that will convert your visitors into customers.

Engaging Appeal

Each web design project we take on is a personal challenge to create something more engaging than the last. We spend countless hours researching the most engaging tactics to implement stunning and eye-catching aspects that will keep your potential customers engaged and calling. If you are going to spend thousands of dollars sending traffic to your site, make sure that the visuals and verbiage are engaging enough to have them pick up the phone.

SEO Friendly Web Design

Showing up in Google search results for your target keywords is absolutely an aggressive endeavor. However, the first step is having on-site optimization. We know what it takes to rank on the first page in Google search results and can ensure that your site is indexed properly for the right keywords. Don’t hire a web design firm. Hire SEO and Web Design experts. That is the only way to ensure your site is beautiful and shows up in Google search results.