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“They did a complete redesign of my website and marketing strategy. I am getting more customer leads than I ever have.” – Sunny Lewis, Manager
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“At a time that I felt very overwhelmed with web design, SEO, and marketing, Premier Web came to my rescue!”
– Dr. Adrienne Stewart, Owner
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“After having been burnt by my past 3 web developers, it's great to finally get a company that knows what they are doing.” – John-Paul Willet, Owner
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Web Design


Clean & Custom

We stay current on the latest design trends and highest converting patterns to ensure that your new website is both modern and effective. We don’t use templates like most web design companies. We build you a unique site that is completely tailored to your image and brand. Our websites are easy to use, and affordable, and search engine friendly.If you are spending thousands in advertising dollars each month, you want to make sure your site engages your audience and promotes a positive image about your business. It is crucial to have a professionally-designed website to ensure you convert your website traffic into paying customers.
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Search Engine Optimization

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What is SEO?

Google and other search engines use sophisticated algorithms to comb through every page on the internet to decide which ones should show up in search results. SEO is the process of building up your site's authority so that it ranks high in search results for keywords that are relevant to your products or services. If you like inbound leads, then SEO is perfect for you.
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Increase Conversions

Most marketers agree that videos convert better than any other form of marketing. In today's fast-paced digital culture, most people have stopped reading through text on websites. Images are still very useful, but videos have been proven to work the best. Having an animated explainer video to explain your products or services will engage the users on your website and turn them into customers. Videos also rank very well in search results so having a video about your company on YouTube can result in even more leads. Having a video can make the difference between someone leaving your site and someone picking up the phone.
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More Reviews

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  • These guys stand out against the background of pixel pushing primadonnas you find these days. They do quick work and have an attention to detail... two things that are hard... read more

    Eric O. Avatar
    Eric O.

    Premier Web Development was professional and thorough. I would recommend their web development services. I am very satisfied with my website and their ability to meet our customized requirements.

    Jeremy S. Avatar
    Jeremy S.

    Jay at Premier Web Development has been a pleasure to work with! Having a URL available to see our website go from start to amazing every step of the way... read more

    Customer S. Avatar
    Customer S.
  • Premier Web Development has done a fantastic job creating the website for Synergy Pain Relief Center. It is very easy to navigate, looks beautiful and came out better than... read more

    Synergy P. Avatar
    Synergy P.

    Great company, James and Chase are top notch in their field. Very easy to work with, very knowledgeable and very friendly. If you are in the market for... read more

    Christina H. Avatar
    Christina H.

    Jay and Chase were able to take my vision and bring it to fruition on my website. They understood my goals and message and delivered it beautifully. They are open... read more

    Grayce C. Avatar
    Grayce C.
  • Truly an Amazing Team! I did my research and was ready to budget SEO for my business. I had already spoken to a few companies when I got it contact... read more

    Eric H. Avatar
    Eric H.

    I went to Premier Web based on their previous reviews and couldnt be happier with their work. They revamped my companies old site, and gave it a fresh new look.... read more

    Joel V. Avatar
    Joel V.

    Working with Premier Web Development was one of the best things I did for my business in 2018. Their expertise in both web design and SEO has allowed our... read more

    Shannon W. Avatar
    Shannon W.
  • With over 20 years experience in Marketing Management with two Fortune 500 Companies, I worked closely with Web design experts--some of the largest and best in the country. Now working... read more

    frank p. Avatar
    frank p.

    Overall outstanding experience. Communication was always great and execution of the web design from the beginning to the end was what you hope for when hiring a web development team.... read more

    James H. Avatar
    James H.

    After calling a few companies, I found Premier, and called them. James immediately came across as a person I want to work with. He just got it straight away. The... read more

    Andy M. Avatar
    Andy M.

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Tempe Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO all about?

SEO Defined

Search engines also use these algorithms to detect what the pages are about, and categorize them using “keywords”. Search engines like Google want to rank established businesses. They look for pages that are trustworthy and have a lot of exposure. If you’ve had a site online for ten to fifteen years, chances are it would display quality content, tweaked over the years, and have a lot of natural exposure, built organically over the decade. If you haven’t had a website online for ten to fifteen years, chances are Google and other search engines will find your content unorganized, and won’t find the necessary about of exposure in order to trust the page.

Speeding Up The Process

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process in which the content on a particular web page is optimized so that search engines can quickly detect the most important and relevant information, as well as, building “backlinks” from trustworthy sites to yours to show the search engines you have proper exposure.

On-Page SEO

On-Page Optimization is the term that refers to the actual optimization of the content on a web page. Each page has a name, title, description, heading, and a body of text. In order for search engines to be able to tell what the page is about and, thus, what to rank you for, it is crucial that you have your target keywords strategically placed in these places.

Authority Link Building

Search Engine Optimization is not only about having relevant content on your site but also a solid number of quality links coming from other relevant and credible sites. Google and other search engines look at every incoming link and assign how much weight that link should have in their search algorithms. Depending on how relevant a website is to yours and how trustworthy it is, you might get a lot of credit for a link or you might get no credit. For example, if you a have a local business in Tempe selling hardware supplies, then you want to make sure you have hardware-related sites and blogs linking to you. A link from a food blog won’t count as much as a link from a nationally-recognized forum. All of these ingredients mix together in Google’s algorithm and, when done correctly, your website will quickly move up the ranks, eventually establishing itself at the top of the search results.


One thing to be careful of, however, is over-optimization. If you showcase your target keywords too many times within a page or body of text, it will not seem organic. Thus, you will be penalized by the search engines. This is why it is imperative that you hire SEO experts to optimize your site versus attempting to do it yourself.

Titles & Meta Data

Displaying your target keywords in the right places allows Google and other search engines to know what your site is about, similar to how a book indicates its content via the title, summary and chapter names. Although on-page optimization is a very small part of search engine optimization, it is crucial in order to rank high in search results.

Summary of Formula

SEO is about having useful, relevant content on your site and a good amount of quality backlinks coming from credible, relevant websites. Each of these factors is an ingredient in the search engines’ algorithms. When done right, your site will quickly shoot up in search results and eventually achieve that number one spot.

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Tempe Web Design

Create a Brand and Engage an Audience

Modern Design

We stay current on the latest design trends and highest converting patterns to ensure that your new website is both modern and effective. We don’t use templates and stock photos like most web design companies. We build you a 100% unique site that is completely tailored to your image and brand. Having a modern and responsive new design could generate a new era for your business.

Engaging Appeal

All of our websites are engaging because that is the most important aspect of a site. If you are spending thousands in advertising dollars each month, you want to make sure your site engages the audience and promotes a positive image about your business. There is only one way to ensure that your website converts traffic into customers, and that is to have a professionally-designed page.

SEO Friendly Web Design

Having your website show up in search results is an absolute must for most companies. You don’t want to spend thousands getting your site developed only to realize it cannot be indexed properly in search engines. We are SEO masters (probably how you found us) and we will ensure your site is 100% search engine friendly and 100% mobile responsive.