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“They did a complete redesign of my website and marketing strategy. I am getting more customer leads than I ever have.” – Sunny Lewis, Manager
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“At a time that I felt very overwhelmed with web design, SEO, and marketing, Premier Web came to my rescue!”
– Dr. Adrienne Stewart, Owner
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“After having been burnt by my past 3 web developers, it's great to finally get a company that knows what they are doing.” – John-Paul Willet, Owner
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Chandler Web Design

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Clean & Custom

We're a local Chandler web design company that creates clean designs with your consumer in mind. Each site we build is custom to reflect your unique brand. Whether you’re selling products or building a lead list, each site we build is tailored to you and built for conversion. If you don’t see something on our portfolio that matches what you’re looking for, feel free to call us anytime to describe your project. Our customer experience for web design was carefully constructed to deliver great quality at an affordable rate. We take a lot of pride in our ability to keep up with the latest trends and consistently deliver quality work.
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Search Engine Optimization

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What is SEO?

More than likely, you did a Google search for something like Chandler Web Design or Chandler SEO and found us at the top of the results. If you want customers to come to you, then SEO is the right solution to growing your business. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process increasing your website's search visibility on search engines.
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Increase Conversions

Studies show that videos convert better than any other form of content. Having a professional video to promote your products or services will convert website traffic at a higher rate than text and images. We create our videos using animation, white board explanation, charts and graphs, carefully worded scripts and professional voice-overs. We can work with any script, or custom write one for you. Having a video on your site could be the difference between someone buying your product or backing out and going to a competitor. Get a video created today and see how big of a difference it can make.
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More Reviews

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  • I am beyond pleased with the level of customer service and quality of the website Jay and Chase put together for us. I dread working on website projects, but these... read more

    Tosha T. Avatar
    Tosha T.

    I work alongside Chase and Jay to meet to goals and expectations of my clients. They are knowledgeable, creative, innovative and offer solutions to best serve the desired outcome. They... read more

    Julie A. Avatar
    Julie A.

    Excellent, cost effective service in fixing an unusual problem.

    Clifton G. Avatar
    Clifton G.
  • These guys stand out against the background of pixel pushing primadonnas you find these days. They do quick work and have an attention to detail... two things that are hard... read more

    Eric O. Avatar
    Eric O.

    Premier Web Development was professional and thorough. I would recommend their web development services. I am very satisfied with my website and their ability to meet our customized requirements.

    Jeremy S. Avatar
    Jeremy S.

    Premier Web Development was professional and thorough. I would recommend their web development services. I am very satisfied with my website and their ability to meet our customized requirements.

    Jeremy S. Avatar
    Jeremy S.
  • Jay at Premier Web Development has been a pleasure to work with! Having a URL available to see our website go from start to amazing every step of the way... read more

    Customer S. Avatar
    Customer S.

    Premier Web Development has done a fantastic job creating the website for Synergy Pain Relief Center. It is very easy to navigate, looks beautiful and came out better than... read more

    Synergy P. Avatar
    Synergy P.

    Great company, James and Chase are top notch in their field. Very easy to work with, very knowledgeable and very friendly. If you are in the market for... read more

    Christina H. Avatar
    Christina H.
  • Jay and Chase were able to take my vision and bring it to fruition on my website. They understood my goals and message and delivered it beautifully. They are open... read more

    Grayce C. Avatar
    Grayce C.

    Jay and Chase were able to take my vision and bring it to fruition on my website. They understood my goals and message and delivered it beautifully. They are open... read more

    Grayce C. Avatar
    Grayce C.

    Truly an Amazing Team! I did my research and was ready to budget SEO for my business. I had already spoken to a few companies when I got it contact... read more

    Eric H. Avatar
    Eric H.
  • I went to Premier Web based on their previous reviews and couldnt be happier with their work. They revamped my companies old site, and gave it a fresh new look.... read more

    Joel V. Avatar
    Joel V.

    Working with Premier Web Development was one of the best things I did for my business in 2018. Their expertise in both web design and SEO has allowed our... read more

    Shannon W. Avatar
    Shannon W.

    With over 20 years experience in Marketing Management with two Fortune 500 Companies, I worked closely with Web design experts--some of the largest and best in the country. Now working... read more

    frank p. Avatar
    frank p.
  • Overall outstanding experience. Communication was always great and execution of the web design from the beginning to the end was what you hope for when hiring a web development team.... read more

    James H. Avatar
    James H.

    After calling a few companies, I found Premier, and called them. James immediately came across as a person I want to work with. He just got it straight away. The... read more

    Andy M. Avatar
    Andy M.

    Best designers in Chandler. Jay and Chase are very dependable. Great service! They are your one stop shop for company website, logo or card design. Very satisfied customer. Thanks again!

    Christy O. Avatar
    Christy O.
  • Great work! The design was exactly what I was looking for. The people are always helpful and easy to get a hold of. Definitely recommend!

    Travis D. Avatar
    Travis D.

    Met with Jay at a networking event and I was impressed - very passionate, enthusiastic and an expert at what he does.

    You end up meeting so many SEO guys...
    read more

    Cody B. Avatar
    Cody B.

    These guys are great to work with. They know what they are doing and are very quick to make changes that we request. Our SEO has seen huge improvements since... read more

    Bj G. Avatar
    Bj G.
  • 5 star ratingThese guys are great to work with. They know what they are doing and are very quick to make changes that we request. Our SEO has seen huge improvements since... read more

    BJ G. Avatar
    BJ G.

    I have been extremely happy with Premier. That did a complete redesign of my website and restructured my internet marketing strategy to get me the best value out of... read more

    Sunny L. Avatar
    Sunny L.

    Did a great job on my website, would highly recormend.

    Preston D. Avatar
    Preston D.
  • 100% best web development company i have worked with and i have worked with quite a bit lol

    Katherine W. Avatar
    Katherine W.

    Chase was my designer for my website, He was very helpful and knowledgeable in WordPress will do business again!!!! PS The site looks amazing

    Andrew K. Avatar
    Andrew K.

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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO all about?

SEO Defined

SEO is the process of building trust and authority to a webpage so that it ranks higher in search results for specific keywords. SEO is both an art and a science. The perfect mix of quality content and high authority recommendations will achieve high rankings. Recommendations are made by getting relevant “well-trusted” websites to link back to you. These links look good to search engines because they validate what you do. We can get your business to the top of the search results where users are searching for your products or services.

Speeding Up The Process

Showing up high in search results is crucial if you want any leads to come from your website. Users are searching for your product or service thousands of times a day. If your business shows up at the top of the results for what those customers are looking for, you can expect plenty of new customers.

Steady Lead Flow

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term solution and is a rigorous process. However, once top rankings are achieved, it is bound to be the most lucrative investment your business has made. Businesses that rank well in search results tend to get the majority of their new leads from search engines. Leads from search engines also tend to convert much higher than leads from other sources.

On-Page SEO

Google looks at your on-page content to determine what the page is about. They then use this information to rank you for certain keywords. On-page SEO is about putting certain information (i.e. keywords) in certain places to highlight the importance. There are many other factors as well, such as the number of times a particular keyword is used on the page and how high up on the page it is featured. Our SEO services include full on-page optimization.

Off-Page SEO

You also need quality backlinks to your site and the type of links matter. If you have a hardware store, then a link coming from your neighbor’s cat blog won’t mean much. However, a link coming from a nationally recognized hardware forum will have impact. When a reputable website with relevant content links to your site, search engines index this as a strong recommendation, vote of confidence, or friendly vouch.

Evolving Algorithms

This process makes your website seem more trustworthy and do well in search results. There are hundreds of factors that go into SEO in Chandler and the algorithm changes all the time. We pride ourselves on our ability to stay ahead of the competition and provide results for our clients.

The Map Pack

In local searches, the first thing to come up is the “Map Pack” showing all the locations near you. Below the map are three business listings with their name, address, a link to call, and a link to their website. If you are a local business, then you have a lot of potential here. Local Map SEO is about getting your business the online exposure, accuracy, and consistency it needs for Google and other search engines to consider you one of the most trustworthy local businesses in your area. Local SEO in this fashion is one the least expensive forms of search engine optimization and also one of the quickest acting. However, there are factors that come into play like how many reviews you have and what your overall rating is.

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Website Design & Development

Create a Brand and Engage an Audience

SEO Friendly Web Design

Each Chandler web design is built from the ground up to be search engine friendly. Google and other search engines have a hierarchy for the content on each page of your site. On-page SEO is about optimizing the content on your site to accentuate the importance and relevance of each page. This first step is crucial (and often overlooked) if you want to obtain online exposure. Without optimizing your on-page content, Google will randomly categorize your pages rather than categorizing them based off your best keywords.

Easy To Edit

Many of our clients have us take care of their website edits for them. Some of our other clients prefer to update their site themselves. Whichever way you choose, the initial build of the website will require custom coding. However, making changes and updates to your site is fairly straight-forward. Included with every web design, upon completion, is a coaching session to ensure you are comfortable navigating through your new site and making changes, when needed.

Good for Business

If you have a Chandler business and are looking for a new web design, then you’re probably also wondering whether or not you’ll receive a return on your investment, whether or not you’ll get new customers. There are two reasons why you can expect your business to improve:

  • Visual improvement and call-to-actions – A stunning new website with smart call-to-actions will help convert your current traffic. If your traffic stays consistent, your new website will result in more phone calls, lead forms, and sales.
  • SEO boost – Search engines look at the content on your site to rank you for certain keywords. Having your website re-designed will also give your site an optimization refresh which will boost you in search results. Whether or not a “boost” will provide you with game-changer results depends on the competition in your industry, but we typically find that our clients increase their traffic simply by having us redesign their website.
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Create a user-friendly platform to do everything

Mobile Apps

Developing a mobile app is a great way to brand your business, capture customers for life, and keep current. Users are already showing more interest in using apps than websites so imagine how your next generation of customers will be. Apps aren’t just for restaurants and widgets; they can be used in many fashions for businesses ranging from e-commerce to local service industries. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, then mobile app development is worth inquiring about.

Custom App Development

Why use multiple systems when you can consolidate everything into one easy-to-use platform. We offer all-inclusive API-based web applications to solve problems and increase web capabilities.

Software Integration

Software integration can be critical for many businesses. It is important to get the job done right and to make sure your user experience (UX) is as engaging as the design and feel.

Plug-in Development

Do you need a solution that doesn’t exist? Many new ideas can be created as plug-ins and then integrated into a website or software.

Product & UI/UX Design

If you’re launching a new product at massive scale then you need a beautiful front-end interface combined with a reliable back-end system.