Case Studies

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Armor Fire Pro

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“They did a complete redesign of my website and marketing strategy. I am getting more customer leads than I ever have.” – Sunny Lewis, Manager
When we first met Armor Fire Pro, they had a Google Adwords pay-per-click campaign up and running. However, they didn't seem to be getting the ROI they needed to justify their adspend. We took a look at their campaign and instantly saw several mistakes. They had ads running in states outside Arizona even though they are a local company. First, we added numerous negative keywords so that their ads would only show up for the keywords that were relevant to them. This alone made a huge impact on their campaign and they started receiving more traffic to their website instantly. We did a complete redesign of their site so that they would have a higher chance of converting the new traffic into paying customers.

Our goal was to get them the most bang for their buck so we redesigned their marketing strategy to focus on organic search (SEO) rather than paid search (PPC). After about six months of running their SEO campaign, they were now receiving more leads organically than from their pay-per-click campaign. The amount they had to spend in SEO was also less than the adspend they were giving Google. We have since transferred them completely away from paid ads so that all of their leads come organically to maximize their ROI.
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Red Star Vapor

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“After having been burnt by my past 3 web developers, it's great to finally get a company that knows what they are doing.” – John-Paul Willet, Owner
When we first met Red Star Vapor they were extremely skeptical about getting into business with another web development company. They had already been burned three times and weren't looking to waste money again. We were able to get them to give us a shot on rebuilding their website. After successfully rebuilding their website, we proposed marketing their store online via SEO. They had one location that was doing fairly well but we felt we could help them get to the next level.

After a few months of SEO, they were now ranking locally for keywords like "vape shop mesa" and nationally for various vape juice flavors. This increased the traffic to their website, and increased their overall sales. Since working with us, they have built their revenue up enough to invest in other forms of advertising like billboards and radio commercials. All of this marketing combined has resulted in several more stores opened. They now have 15 stores in Arizona, 5 stores in Colorado, and 2 stores in Texas. They plan to have over 80 stores nationwide within the next year.
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Better Choice Homes

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“We have seen our website ranking significantly improve since they started. I would recommend them to anyone.” – BJ Gremillion, Co-Owner
When we first met Better Choice Homes they had a website that had been built on a do-it-yourself builder and little to no web presence at all. They weren't concerned with the look of their site but weren't getting any leads online. We proposed an SEO campaign which would rank their website at the top of search results for keywords relevant to their business which would increase the traffic to their website.

After a closer review of their website analytics, we saw that the traffic that they got left very quickly. This was due to their site not being user-friendly and the load time taking too long. We decided it was best to rebuild their website to make sure that their advertising dollars weren't wasted. After redesigning their site, we were able to cut their load time in half, and get users to stay on the site over three times as long. Using SEO, we were able to dramatically increase the traffic to their website which improved their lead flow. They now have a great looking website that ranks at the top of the search results for keywords like "real estate investing gilbert".
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Nourish Medical Center

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“At a time that I felt very overwhelmed with web design, SEO, and marketing, Premier Web came to my rescue!” – Adrienne Stewart, Owner
We first started with Dr. Adrienne Stewart when she was a doctor working in a clinic out of Scottsdale and a clinic out of Ahwatukee. She was trying to build her own website but was having trouble. She also couldn't get exposure to her website due to a lack of visibility online. We built her a brand new site and started an SEO campaign. We got her site to rank at the top of searches for keywords like Naturopathic Doctor Scottsdale and Naturopathic Doctor Ahwatukee. She then got a great opportunity to join her best friend, another doctor, out in San Diego who had opened her own practice called Nourish Medical Center.

Dr. Elana Roumell had already hired a company out of San Diego to build the Nourish Medical Center website but was going to need some ongoing help maintaining the website, as well as, some help with digital marketing. We ended our SEO campaign on Scottsdale and Ahwatukee and began working towards San Diego keywords like "Naturopathic Doctor San Diego". We have since made dramatic changes to the Nourish website, including integrating an E-Commerce platform so that they can sell products online. They have built their business up quite a bit over the past year and have now hired six employees and have moved into a bigger office.
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