Armor Fire Protection


Project Date

January 10, 2015


Commercial Fire Protection

Project Details

When we first met Armor Fire Pro, they had a Google Adwords pay-per-click campaign up and running. However, they didn’t seem to be getting the ROI they needed to justify their adspend. We took a look at their campaign and instantly saw several mistakes. They had ads running in states outside Arizona even though they are a local company. First, we added numerous negative keywords so that their ads would only show up for the keywords that were relevant to them. This alone made a huge impact on their campaign and they started receiving more traffic to their website instantly. We did a complete redesign of their site so that they would have a higher chance of converting the new traffic into paying customers.

Our goal was to get them the most bang for their buck so we redesigned their marketing strategy to focus on organic search (SEO) rather than paid search (PPC). After about six months of running their SEO campaign, they were now receiving more leads organically than from their pay-per-click campaign. The amount they had to spend in SEO was also less than the adspend they were giving Google. We have since transferred them completely away from paid ads so that all of their leads come organically to maximize their ROI.