Better Choice Homes


Project Date

February 7, 2016


Home Building

Project Details

When we first met Better Choice Homes they had a website that had been built on a do-it-yourself builder and little to no web presence at all. They weren’t concerned with the look of their site but weren’t getting any leads online. We proposed an SEO campaign which would rank their website at the top of search results for keywords relevant to their business which would increase the traffic to their website.

After a closer review of their website analytics, we saw that the traffic that they got left very quickly. This was due to their site not being user-friendly and the load time taking too long. We decided it was best to rebuild their website to make sure that their advertising dollars weren’t wasted. After redesigning their site, we were able to cut their load time in half, and get users to stay on the site over three times as long. Using SEO, we were able to dramatically increase the traffic to their website which improved their lead flow. They now have a great looking website that ranks at the top of the search results for keywords like “real estate investing gilbert”.