Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

How it works

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process in which the trust and relevance of a website is improved with optimized content and quality links, in order for that website to move up in search results. Basically, SEO is about making sure you have good content on your site and plenty of sources backing you up. If you have a website online then you know that most of the time when you search for a business in your industry, it is typically the well-established businesses that show up first. Google wants to rank established businesses.

On-Page Optimization

An established business will have plenty of good content on their website from tweaking it over the years. Having your target keyword found in the main areas of the content on your web page helps Google know what that page is about, and thus what to rank it for. The target keyword should be found throughout the page, but only a few times. If you feature the keyword too many times on the page, Google will consider this “keyword stuffing” and won’t give you credit for having good content. Off-Page Optimization is about building up your website’s overall trust in the eyes of the search engines.

Off-Page Optimization

Link building isn’t about getting as many links to your site as possible; it is about getting relevant, quality links. The types of links are important. Google and other search engines will look at each individual link coming from another site to yours and assign it a particular weight in their algorithm. For example, if you are a local roofer, a link coming from a nationally recognized roofing blog will count for a lot more than a link coming from your neighbor’s cat blog. Each link you obtain will carry a certain amount of “link juice”. Over the course of ten to fifteen years, a website will naturally develop a strong web presence online. Over this amount of time, thousands of people will talk about the business online and share links to this website so other people can benefit from the business as they did. Google has a complex algorithm designed to tell the websites that have this kind of exposure from the ones that do not. This is where SEO comes in.


For the businesses who haven’t had a website up and running for decades, ten to fifteen years can be too long to wait to get organic traffic. SEO speeds up the process. SEO is about creating years of exposure within months. It is about building links from trustworthy sources back to your site. It is about having quality content on your site and plenty of sources recommending it. On-Page Optimization is about making your website as relevant to your target keywords as possible. In order for the search engines to know what each page on your site is about, and thus what to rank you for, they need to be able to find the keywords in the places they are looking.

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