Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Influence

How it works

Every business owner knows that referrals are worth their weight in gold and Social Media Marketing is the NEW word of mouth. You can get customers from billboards, commercials, radio ads, and search engines but none of them come close to as valuable as a personal referral. In today’s culture, people don’t go around telling all of their friends in person that they hired XYZ House Painters to paint their house and they normally do not pass along XYZ House Painters’ business card. They either post on Facebook that they had their house done by this company or they like XYZ’s Facebook page. Not only is this easier for the customer to do, it also automatically refers the company to all 600 friends the customer has on Facebook.

Why it's important

When you have a customer like your Facebook business page, all of their friends see it. This is why Social Media Marketing is so prevalent in today’s online marketing industry. Not only do you absolutely need to use social media to your advantage, you need to make sure your Facebook Business Page is as engaging and optimized as your official website.

Modern Times

Customers are constantly looking up businesses on social media before they buy. These days, customers have a pretty good idea of you and your business before you ever meet them. When you have a potential customer look you up on social media, what will they see? Will they see a Facebook Business Page? Will it be modern and posted on frequently? Are you present on Instagram and Twitter? Most potential customers we talk to have absolutely no idea how to use social media to improve their business. Sure they can create a Facebook Business Page, but how do you use Targeted Facebook Ads?


Depending on your business and goals, you may not need to hire a company to manage your social media. Often times an office admin can be taught how to run simple ads and manage a few social media platforms. Or maybe you need a company to run a highly targeted ad campaign. Either way, it’s worth talking it over with us first.

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