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“They did a complete redesign of my website and marketing strategy. I am getting more customer leads than I ever have.” – Sunny Lewis, Manager
“At a time that I felt very overwhelmed with web design, SEO, and marketing, Premier Web came to my rescue!”
– Dr. Adrienne Stewart, Owner
“After having been burnt by my past 3 web developers, it's great to finally get a company that knows what they are doing.” – John-Paul Willet, Owner
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Web Design


Clean & Custom

We build clean and custom websites to reflect your unique brand. In most cases, your customers have seen your website before giving you a call or going to your store. What did they see? Was your website effective? Did it engage them and give them the information they needed?

We take the time to find out what your customer wants by looking at businesses in your industry with sites that convert well. Building an effective website is both an art and a science that combines an eye-catching design with a call-to-action format.
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Search Engine Optimization

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the art and science of getting a website to rank higher in search results for keywords relevant to the content of the site. For most businesses, this is the marketing service of increasing their website's traffic by ranking higher for keywords relevant to their products and services. If you like inbound leads, then SEO is perfect for you.
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Increase Conversions

When is the last time you went to a website and read through a page of content? In today's culture, users tend not to read so much as to look at and watch. Users look at images and watch videos. A picture is worth a thousand words but do the images on your site really convey your message or explain your products and services? We make animated explainer videos to show your customers exactly how your products and services work and to show what kind of results they can expect. We use videos to engage your audience and turn website traffic into paying customers.
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Stockton Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO all about?

SEO Defined

Search engines like Google use complex algorithms to analyze each web page on the internet to turn them into useful search results. If you want to show up high in search results for keywords related to what you’re selling, then you need search engine optimization. Search engines like to rank pages that have useful information and serve a purpose. The first step in SEO is to first optimize the page you want to rank. It is crucial that search engines know exactly what the page is about.

Keyword Placement

Search engines look at your title tag, meta description, headlines, and page text to determine what your pages are about. Having the keywords you want to rank for strategically placed throughout your page will help it become more relevant to the keywords. Search engines also want to see how trustworthy your page is. They do this by looking at what other web pages recommend your page. If popular, reputable, sites link to you, then that shows search engines that your web page can be trusted.

Organic, Natural Process

A good SEO company knows how to use search engine optimization effectively and naturally. Trying to scam Google with black-hat tactics can sometimes rank a page quicker but will most certainly get penalized and do poorly in search results later on. Using natural, organic tactics like article links from relevant sites work better.

Stockton SEO

This is where Stockton SEO comes in. If you have a Stockton business and need to show up higher in search results, then hiring the best SEO company in Stockton would be a good start. You can judge SEO companies by looking at their own rankings, and asking to see results they’ve provided to their clients.

Off-Page SEO

Each link that is built to your site is like a recommendation. That site is telling people to visit your site for good information. Search Engine Marketing is about using links to speed up the organic ranking process. It’s about creating years of exposure within months so that you can rank high and faster.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the term which refers to the re-writing of content on your web page to make the page more relevant to what you want to get found for. If you want to be found for “personal injury,” then “personal injury” should be found several times throughout the page. The keyword should be found in your title, description, headlines, and a few times within the content of the page. Putting the term in too many times, or “keyword stuffing”, will result in an over-optimization penalty and will cause your page not to rank for that term. This is why it is imperative to hire an SEO expert to optimize your page content. Each aspect of SEO is crucial to the ranking process and it should not be attempted by someone with little time or little experience. Good organic SEO is both an art and a science and works magically when performed properly.

Authority Link Building

There are many types of links. The types of links that you have coming to your site matter. For example, if you link your neighbors cat blog to your site, Google and other search engines will index this link as irrelevant, untrustworthy, and pointless. Unless you are selling cat food and your neighbors cat blog gets a million visitors a month. This is because Google wants to see relevant, trustworthy sites recommending you. If you are a personal injury lawyer, and you want to rank for “personal injury stockton” then you want to have reputable law forums with high levels of trust linking to you. If a trustworthy, reputable, and relevant site links to you, this tells Google that you are both relevant and trustworthy which will help your page rank better in search results. Link building should absolutely not be something to attempt on your own. Not only has it taken years to learn as much as we have, Google is constantly updating their algorithm to ensure they are proving the most useful results possible. Do you have time to follow Google’s pivoting? We do. We watch Google’s updates, as well as our client’s results, like hawks. This ensures we always stay ahead of the curve.

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Stockton Web Design

Create a Brand and Engage an Audience

Modern Design

Keeping up with the latest trends is a full-time job. Creating trends can be even harder. Why put all the work on yourself? We keep our site prices competitive so that you can have a beautiful, professional website to show off your business without breaking the bank. Each site we build is custom, modern, and 100% unique. Call us today or fill out our quote form and get started with the future of your online presence.

Engaging Appeal

Engaging your website traffic is the most important part of having a website. Whether you’re a local roofer with an online lead funnel or a photographer with an online portfolio, your goal is to impress your users to that they get in contact. We build each site to convert your specific demographic of customer. Ensure your site converts traffic by getting in contact with us today.

SEO Friendly Web Design

Having your website show up well in search results can be crucial for most businesses. You most likely found us by conducting a Google search. Not only are we great web designers, we are SEO experts. We can make sure that your website looks beautiful, works well on all devices, and shows up prominently in search results. Contact us for more information on SEO.